...your pen is GOLDEN.

...your pen is GOLDEN.

...your pen is GOLDEN....your pen is GOLDEN.
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The Golden Path

 Storytelling has always been apart of my life. I still have journals and notebooks from elementary school. They are filled with poems, short stories, songs and ideas. I never looked at it as a career that I'd pursue later on in life. It was just a way to pass the time. I used to get lost in my own little creative world. It wasn't until I had graduated high school that I really got into music as more than a hobby. I signed up for the local community college and was going to do my core classes there and then transfer to the University. I ended up getting a job at a small record company as a Secretary during the same time that I enrolled in school. One day my boss was sitting at his desk stressed about some songs he had to finish. I told him I knew how to write songs. He told me to go home, write something, bring it back in and we'll take a look it, fix it and change somethings around. I brought the song in the next day and my boss was blown away.  He jumped up with excitement and said,"Ooooh we goin' to the studio!" It was that moment that set the course of my life on a whole new path. I never went back to the college. I had found my passion. This was my calling.


Golden Rule

I started Golden Pen Publishing at first for my own personal gain. I have heard so many horror stories about contracts and situations that artist, writers and producers had gotten into that were either impossible to get out of or ended with them receiving a lot less than they would have if they were in a favorable situation. I came close to my own contractual downfall but luckily it was just a matter of waiting it out in my case.

I started Golden Pen to have total control of my music and the fate of my career. After careful thought and consideration I realized that I could be that for other artist and songwriters as well. A safe haven per say. A place to affiliate their music with and know that they will be treated with love and care. No one likes a snake and sometimes it's hard to know upfront who is. I pride myself on honesty and fairness.


Golden Words

What inspired me to name the company Golden Pen happened in a random studio session in 2010, Tuscaloosa, AL, at the Woodshed Studio.  My Producer/Engineer, Sam Addams told me, " Teja, if I don't tell you anything else...just know that your pen...is golden. That hit me so hard. I never forgot that.